Meet the team behind Paradym

Who are you guys?

Courtney: I’m Courtney. I’m half Swedish half Filipino, but was born in the US and raised in the UK. I went to school in DC where I studied Philosophy and Political Economy then lived and worked in Finance and Fashion in the US, Europe and Asia. Now I’m back at homebase in London after finishing an MBA here. I love to dance and eat - not at the same time! My favourite food is any kind of noodle: pasta, pad thai, e-fu noodles, and/or dim sum. There's something so comforting about that squidgy texture when you take a bite. 

Omar:  I’m Lebanese. Born and raised there until age 19. Started my career in Finance in Dubai then moved to New York. After a few years working for an Investment Bank, I decided to do an MBA and become an investor. My passion in life is human psychology. I like sports of any kind and fast food!

Why did you guys make an app and why should I listen to you?

Courtney: In the first year of my MBA, my career was on track. But personally, I didn’t feel like I was the person I wanted to be. My relationships were falling apart because of my constant ups and downs and inability to control myself. Intellectually, I wasn’t confident at all. And being on an MBA program only made me feel worse – I was surrounded by strong, confident young professionals. There was a pronounced gap between who I was and the person I imagined myself being.

At the end of the 1st term, I met Omar on the program. We quickly became inseparable, and we would discuss philosophy, psychology, and things we were reading. His incredible understanding of psychology helped me start changing my perspective and I began to develop a process of improvement for myself. I would set myself weekly challenges and record things I’d learnt in a diary. The progress started out slow at first, but now I’d say I’m much closer to who I envision myself to be. I still have a ways to go but with continued effort I believe I can hit the goals I’ve set for myself. I created Paradym because I want to share the process that Omar and I built so that everyone can also become the best version of themselves.

Omar: What she said! Just kidding. As a kid growing up in a middle class family in Beirut. I had always felt that odds were stacked against me in life. I wasn’t sure if being happy and successful was my right. But I never stopped dreaming. My eureka moment came when I decided I don’t want to be the victim of my environment. I started developing a plan to change my life and become the man I always dreamed of becoming. After meeting Courtney on my MBA I realised she shared a similar passion to become better, stronger, happier. We thought of Paradym as a way to share our passion and experience with you

Why are you guys so interested in personal growth?

Courtney: I feel better in myself, and I genuinely believe I can achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. Everything has improved from my relationships with my boyfriend, my family, my friends, the way that I work, what I work on, how I work. It’s a great feeling to be able to bring your actual best to every situation. 

Omar:  The biggest thing for me is feeling that I have control over my destiny. When I’m improving, I feel I am doing my part in life. I not just sitting there wishing for things to happen. I’m working to make them happen. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. And I wanted to share that with you.

Shouldn’t you have a degree in psychology?

Courtney: I’ve been through a lot of therapy, CBT and core body work, and it helped to a certain extent. But I think where I really made the most improvement was in the process we created. To become the best you can be, you need to want it for yourself – and no one can really make it happen except you.

Omar:  A degree in psychology is obviously super important and we intend to have people on the team that will help with the scientific side. But this is about a process we tried and tested ourselves. This is about what worked for us and potentially could work for you. 

What are you guys about?

Courtney: Being the best version of myself that I can be, and kicking ass in this world.

Omar: I am about making promises to myself and keeping them, no matter how hard it can get.